Loan Programs


Basic Loan Terms:

  • Loans ranging from $100,000 - $5M+
  • Term can be from 3 months to 24 months with possible renewal
  • 3 month minimum interest payment
  • Current interest rate 11%
  • Minimum 20-25% down payment

Max Lending Limits:

  • Up to 65% LTV/ARV on NOO Residential Projects
  • Up to 65% LTV/ARV on Commercial Projects
  • Up to 50% LTV on Land Acquisition
  • Up to 50% Equity Cash Out Loans on Real Estate

We want our
borrowers to succeed!



"It seems that you must not need money to be able to borrow from a retail bank. Even with a strong track record and good credit scores, we were unable to move ahead because our loan didn’t fit into a standardized box that the bank was used to.  ALFIE worked with me to get my project done and then they assisted me to get refinanced in a timely manner."

- Steve Rotundo, Johnson City, TN