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Our mission is to help build the communities we serve. We do this by providing simple real estate financing solutions to borrowers and a locally focused, defensive investment option for our investors.

Borrowers find EASE in our communicative, common-sense, streamlined approach to short-term construction and bridge lending.

Investors find comfort in knowing that our primary goal is PRESERVATION OF INVESTOR CAPITAL and are pleased by our historically consistent and attractive returns.
Ultimately, we focus on building community and working diligently with borrowers to help make their projects successful and profitable. When our borrowers succeed, our investors, neighborhoods and towns succeed.

What Is ALFIE?

ALFIE is a private debt fund that specializes in construction lending. Established in Asheville, NC in 2015, our fund works by pooling investor capital to provide short term construction and bridge loans to builders, developers, and real estate entrepreneurs in North and South Carolina.

The burdensome requirements of traditional bank financing make it difficult for borrowers to quickly access capital. ALFIE offers builders and developers a time and cost effective solution by providing streamlined access to capital for projects that benefit investors, borrowers, and local communities.


  • Group of hands-on real estate and finance professionals actively managing your investment capital
  • Community based lending solution
  • Pooled investment fund which distributes risk across all active loans in our portfolio
  • First position lienholder designed to protect investor capital
  • Specialist in short term construction and bridge loans
  • Flexible financing solution for local real estate entrepreneurs in North and South Carolina
  • Simple, straightforward investment offering that generates income reported on IRS Form K1


  • Primary residence lender
  • Long term mortgage lender
  • Publicly traded investment offering
  • Predatory lender
  • Second position lienholder
  • A bank

Invest In ALFIE

ALFIE has over 260 accredited investors. Our investors come from across the United States. We have originated over 1300 loans since inception in 2015.

Our open-ended fund structure enables us to raise and deploy capital quickly to serve our borrowers. We strive to maximize returns on investor capital while simultaneously diversifying exposure to investments in the stock and bond markets.

ALFIE investors MUST qualify as Accredited Investors*

  • Minimum investment of $50,000
  • Minimum investment period: three months
  • Simple Liquidity Feature **
    Interest distributed to investors quarterly in the form of direct deposit or
    re-investment into the fund
  • Advantageous investment structure: First 4% of earned interest goes to investors, the second 2% to ALFIE Management, and the remaining distributed in an 80/20 investor/management split.
  • Average annual returns:
    Classic Fund: 2018 – 2022: 7.38% 2023: 8.25% (Net of fees)
  • Recent returns Q4 2023 8.88% Q1 2024 8.65%
  • Current investor position profile ranges from $50,000 to $4,000,000
  • Average investor position: $213,800
  • Investor references available upon request

* An accredited investor meets the requirement of having either 1) $1 million or more in assets (excluding primary residence) or 2) Annual income of at least $200,000 individually or $300,000 jointly. Contact your financial advisor for more information on SEC accreditation standards.

**Liquidity available subject to market conditions and management discretion.

Investor FAQs

What are the biggest risks to investors in ALFIE?

ALFIE’s number one priority is preservation of investor capital.  Our second priority is to offer our investors a consistent predictable return and an investment option with a simple liquidity feature.  Risks include a variable rate of return and temporary suspension of our liquidty feature

What is ALFIE’s loan default experience?

To date, ALFIE has made over 1300 loans. As of the beginning of 2024, we have foreclosed or taken deed-in-lieu of forclosure on eleven properties. This puts ALFIE’s historic default rate at less than 1%. We make every effort to help our borrower’s succeed and work themselves out of bad situation, yet we have the experience to manage foreclosures as needed.

Are there any tax advantages to investing in ALFIE?
Distributions from ALFIE are reported in Box 1 of IRS form K1 as business income. This entitles investors to take advantage of the qualified business income (QBI) deduction of 20% on ALFIE generated income. Please consult your tax advisor for specific implications.
How has ALFIE addressed rising interest rates?

ALFIE is not impacted directly by rising interest rates because we are not tied to Federal or other mortgage rates. Historically ALFIE has charged borrowers 10-11%. In December of 2022 we increased our rates to 12%. We determine our rates by market competition and demand. ALFIE loans are short term (12 months) so we have the ability to quickly adjust our interest rates up or down in response to market conditions.

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