The advantages of investing with ALFIE


  • Diversified: Private real estate lending offers true diversification as the rate of return is not affected by the stock market, global politics, or even long-term real estate price fluctuations.
  • Secured: By real estate with first-position liens. Investors can earn consistent returns without a long-term commitment.
  • Predictable: Investors can earn predictable returns with and attractive liquidity feature.

ALFIE is a Pooled Fund

A pooled fund is a portfolio of real estate loans funded collectively by multiple investors with shares in the pool based on the amount invested.  Investors earn proportionate interest in all of the loans made by the fund.  Interest earnings from the loans are passed directly to investors.  By allowing an investor to spread their investment across all the loans in the fund, mortgage pools offer greater diversification.

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  • ALFIE is a private fund that provides short-term loans to real estate investors 

  • ALFIE’s goal is preservation of and return on investor capital  

  • ALFIE has a liquidity feature that allows investors to get their invested funds back with 90 day notice (under most market conditions). 

  • ALFIE is available to accredited investors* and qualified trusts/nonprofits 

  • ALFIE allows investors the option of quarterly return distributions or reinvesting returns into the fund 

  • ALFIE investors receive an IRS K-1 annually 

*In the United States, to be considered an accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1M excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.